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The WWP Wrestling Extravaganza WRESTLEMONSTER 4 is gonna rock the African Wrestling Scene. !!!!!!!

World Wrestling Professionals-WWP

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WWP Wrestling is a Professional Wrestling Federation that operates on a level in Africa, and particularly South Africa, that draws a lot of praise and criticism from many Fans, but in particular many Pro Wrestlers that are not brought in local or International...…

The WWP offices daily receive Text messages, Social media messages, emails, and calls from across the Globe from Wrestlers asking to be part of WWP Shows, or the Roster…..When we do not reply immediately, they resort to social media to diss the WWP.

Yes as WWP Wrestling also operates in India, many occasions have arized that dates have had to be altered, that is something we think any Federation does not enjoy to do, but does talent get paid……absolutely…

WWP Wrestling although we host big Shows, we also host School Shows, Festival Shows, and our own House Shows, Are the halls always packed? Definitely not, many other Shows are sold out, and our recent WRESTLEMONSTER 3 Event drew close to 14000 Spectators….Our Arnolds Event, which was not attended by a massive crowd due to certain logistics was a first this year, and we look at growing it into a Monster Event over the coming years.....When I watch some Shows in Europe and the USA, I see big crowds and very small crowds…….Yet certain Wrestlers in the USA and Europe want to post pics of our smaller Shows where there were small crowds, and even some bigger shows where crowds were not filling the house……GET OVER IT…ITS NORMAL..

WWP Wrestling is not a perfect Federation….we do receive all the messages and emails, and should the creative team be interested in bringing someone in will be done…

Lastly WWP Wrestling when bringing in talent cover all costs, from flights to food, to accommodation, even the hunting and safari trips…..TO DATE WHENEVER I AM CONTACTED BY OTHER PROMOTERS INTERESTED IN THE WWP WRESTLERS, WE ARE TOLD “OH, GET YOURSELF HERE, AND WE WILL ORGANIZE CHEAP ACCOMODATION FOR YOU NO PROBS”……..Now something does not add up here…..

As for how does WWP Wrestling treat their talent coming into South Africa? Here we will leave it for all to do their own homework and speak to talent that come in for Tours
Afa Anoai, Peter Smith, Markus Burke, German Y Veronica, Robbie Strauss, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Jack Swagger, Angélico Official, PJ Black, Paul Lloyd, Freddie Harmse, Ananzi Kobus, Devon van der Westhuizen, Chukwuma Okoye, Zama Kwaito Kidd Njokweni, Jonathan Van Rensburg, George Wilhelm, Andre Wiese, Lloyd Anoaʻi, Savannah Summers, Brodus clay


World Wrestling Professionals-WWP

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One of the many WWP Wrestling Tours into Africa Wrestling infront of over 10 000 Spectators on Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ananzi stealing the Show..

The stars of WWP toured the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008 during the annual Katanga International Show. In this highlight video, Ananzi (South Africa)...

World Wrestling Professionals-WWP

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Catch the WWP Wrestling Superstars live in Boksburg on the 24th and 25th September together with KURT DARREN and DOZI...... More info on tickets soon......

Former wrestling superstar Ric Flair is heading to surgery after being placed in a medically induced coma

The 68-year-old was initially taken to the hospital Saturday, but his condition reportedly worsened over the weekend.he was admitted due to a heart-related issue that was initially called "routine monitoring."

The Nature Boy has been in professional wrestling since the 1970s, but became one of the biggest stars in the sport during his time with WWF and WCW in the 1990s. He has been a world heavyweight champion 16 times in his extended career.

on behalf of the WWP we send out our love and prayers to this legend ....

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Catch your Favorite WWP Superstars live in action on Saturday the 2nd of September at the Eskort Varkfees. Dont miss out!!!

Catch your Favorite WWP Superstars live in action on Saturday the 19th of August in Musina. Dont miss out!!!



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