Sangram Singh Awarded World’s Best Wrestler of 2011

Sangram Singh

The executive board of World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) has bestowed upon Sangram Singh the award of “World’s Best Wrestler of 2011″.

This prestigious award puts Sangram Singh in the category as a contender to the WWP World Heavyweight Title, the ultimate pot of gold in World Wrestling Professionals.

WWP will soon be touring India and more details will be released on these exciting upcoming events. Sangram Singh will be in contention to the WWP World Heavyweight Title during the WWP India Tour.

Sangram Singh, one of the greatest Indian wrestlers in history, is not only a successful wrestler but one of the most famous celebrities in India, becoming a finalist on Survivor: India and starring in the Bollywood hit Valentine’s Night.

WWP would like to congratulate Sangram Singh on winning this award.

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